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Kids Ages and Custody: How Much Time Will a Child Spend with Each Parent?

Kids Ages and Custody: How Much Time Will a Child Spend with Each Parent?

It goes without saying: the kid’s needs should always be the highest priority when designing a custody plan. As you navigate divorce and look for amicable solutions, it’s helpful to consider daily routines that worked in the past. Use these parental roles and involvement to find the best solutions to support everyone’s needs.

The children’s ages are important to consider as you create the terms for a custody agreement. This is because as kids get older, the duration of time they spend with or away from each parent can change.

Considerations for Newborns, Toddlers, and Young Children

Children adapt to life changes differently in each stage of life. For example, a young baby might not consciously realize that they are away from one of the parents. At the same time, the baby’s time might need to be adjusted based on how the child is being fed (breastfeeding vs. bottles) or the availability of a parent to care for a young child for hours or days at a time.

Remember that bonding time for a young child is essential so that each parent can establish a relationship with the child at such a young age.

As the child grows older, then time away from one of the parents may be able to be extended. The most important thing is to maintain a consistent schedule and ensure that they understand when they will be back with the other parent again. It creates safety to stick to a routine and keep expectations clear, so the child has the peace of mind to know when they will see mom or dad again.

Different Needs for Teenagers

Older children and teenagers have different requirements compared to their younger siblings. One good strategy is to talk to them about the divorce. Have conversations about how they will spend time in different homes, and see if you can do anything to make these transitions more comfortable and smoother.

Teenagers can add their thoughts and requests in this process, helping them feel like they have a say in the situation. What are their desires? These details are important when establishing a schedule for older children and teenagers.

Professional Support for Custody Agreements

You don’t need to navigate these difficult decisions on your own. However, if you are working to create a custody agreement and finalize other details of the divorce, then reach out for legal support. Our team at Grey Legal Group is always here to assist with strategies to make it as amicable and smooth as possible.

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