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Child Support: Ensuring Children are Provided For After Divorce

Child Support: Ensuring Children are Provided For After Divorce

One of the most important things parents can do when going through a divorce is to ensure that the children’s needs are prioritized every step of the way. Even if there are disagreements between the adults, it’s essential to consider how the children are being supported through this big transitional time in life.

Financial support is one of the main factors that need to be addressed. As the household splits from one home to two, it can put a financial strain on everyone involved. Child support is designed to care for the children’s needs despite the turmoil that is happening through the divorce proceedings.

Purpose of Child Support

The goal of child support is pretty straightforward. Ultimately, it’s important to ensure the children have the necessary resources for home, food, schooling, clothing, and more.

Ultimately, child support reduces the likelihood that children are suffering at one parent’s house because that parent doesn’t have the same financial resources as their previous spouse.

There are specific formulas used to calculate child support. Factors that impact this payment amount include:

  • How much money each parent earns?
  • How much time is each parent spending with the child/children?
  • Lifestyle factors in maintaining after the divorce.

These payments vary from one family to the next and from state to state. You can search online and find child support calculators that will help you estimate the ideal amount to negotiate in the divorce documentation.

Make sure you are searching by state to ensure the tool you use applies to all requirements in your local area. For example, families in the state of California can use this child support calculator to get a feel for the cost estimates. But always talk to an attorney before finalizing the numbers.

Legal Advice for Child Support Calculations

Even though these digital tools are based on a specific formula and can offer quality insights for child support calculations, remember that these are just guidelines when finalizing the paperwork. The parents can choose any agreed-upon amount as long as they believe that the needs of the children will be met at all times.

The financial support provided needs to cover the child’s living expenses and costs when the children are spending time at both homes.

Enforcing a Child Support Agreement

Finally, make sure the paperwork includes details about how the support order will be enforced. If you don’t want to worry about monthly money transfers and the potential complications that can ensue, then consider using the Department of Child Support Services to collect the funds. Wage garnishment is sometimes a necessary option as well.

Legal Advice for Child Support

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