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Best Practices for Finalizing Your Divorce

Best Practices for Finalizing Your Divorce

Best Practices for Finalizing Your Divorce

There is a lot to navigate through the divorce process, and now the end is in sight. You’ve come to an agreement, and both spouses are on the same page with everything from child custody to asset division. Now, the next question: how do you finish your case?
There are two options for finalizing the divorce and entering a judgment:

Default Judgement

In this situation, it means that the spouse won’t participate in your case. They tell you to take care of everything and don’t want to be involved.
You will need to provide a lot of information to the court to show why the default judgment you are presenting should be entered. Without this information, there is a risk of the orders being thrown out at some point.
For example, show how you came up with all the numbers for child support, spousal support, asset division, property value, debt division, and more. The documentation should demonstrate that it is an equal award for both parties.

Divorce Agreement

The other option is to file a divorce agreement, which means there isn’t as much information that needs to go into the judgment. You still need to show how you came up with the support numbers and related circumstances.
But with property division, you present who gets what and which spouse is responsible for debt balances. The signature on this agreement communicates that you are both on the same page and that the division is “Fair and Equitable.”

Submitting Paperwork to the Court

The final step is to submit the paperwork to the court and wait for the processing time. You can find all of the necessary paperwork on the court’s website, including downloadable form packets for a DIY divorce. Sometimes, there are court workshops available, but these workshops are harder to find post-COVID.
An alternative is to have a legal expert prepare and submit the paperwork for you, then submit everything to the court on your behalf.
At New Tomorrow Law, we offer “The 30-Day Divorce.” Through this process, we collect your information, prepare the documents, and prepare everything for filing. You will go through a full review of the agreement with an attorney from our firm, as well as a 30-minute consultation outlining all of the effects of the agreement and how it should be enforced in the future.

Why Hire a Pro Legal Team

The benefits are undeniable: it makes sense to hire a legal expert for help with a divorce. This process is less stressful, and you can be confident knowing that all the forms will be submitted correctly. Let us deal with the court to make finalizing your divorce as easy as possible.

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